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Between the Riviera Maya forest and the turquoise expanse of the Caribbean, you’ll find Hotel Xcaret México, an exceptional destination rich in history, nature and entertainment.

With a remarkable Mexican essence, the design of Hotel Xcaret Mexico integrates modernism, nature and tradition with an architectural vision in which from any point of the room you can admire spectacular views of the turquoise sea, the rivers, the pool or the jungle.

The vibrant experiences of our parks, the natural wealth, the living culture and the interaction with our people will forever change your concept of vacations.

We want you to see and remember Mexico for what it is.


Hotel Xcaret México is an exclusive Riviera Maya resort where you will experience a stay like no other. Free your senses in spaces fusing with the majesty of the Caribbean and the Maya jungle.

The All-Fun Inclusive® experience transforms and goes beyond the traditional 'all-inclusive' concept of other Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya resorts, offering unlimited access to our parks:
Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco and Xenses, and also the Xenotes and Xichén tours, all of which come with luxury transportation.


Hotel Xcaret Mexico pays tribute to the Mayan Region, a place that hosts our resort with great warmth.
The suites at Hotel Xcaret Mexico are located across various buildings called “Casas”, each one represents a natural element, symbols of great importance to the Mayan culture.


Symbol: Wind

On the outside, the wind (lk) promotes nature, holds the flight of the birds, takes away the unnecessary and leaves the essential. Inside, it’s oxygen that symbolizes inner vitality. Wind is the energy that complements the circle of creation, which opens, purifies and prepares the path to spiritual growth.


Symbol: The Ceiba Tre

The earth element symbolizes the synchronization of the human being with the rest of the cosmos. When we connect ourselves to the earth, we align ourselves with its cycles and all that exists. The Ceiba, the sacred tree of the Mayans, represents the strength of this union.


Symbol: Raindrop

For the Mayans, muluk is rain water that purifies and nurtures, a cosmic seed. In their calendar, it is represented by a circle: a raindrop, jade bead or moon. It speaks of awakening the consciousness and the principle of communication.


Symbol: The Spiral

The symbol of movement that controls the universe and finds itself at the center of the celestial spiral, associated with the Milky Way. It’s also used to represent the “fifth element”, the axis mundi, the energy axis that connects every plane of the existence.


Symbol: The Sacred Fire

Fire, in the Mayan K'iché language, is known as Q’aq. The Lok´laj Q'aq (sacred fire) is born from the aromatic spices offered in a Mayan ceremony before the Uk'ux Kaj, Uk'ux Ulew (heart of the sky and heart of the earth). The sacred fire is the principal element in almost every Mayan festival, such as New Year and cycle changes in their different calendars.

Ocean view suite - Casa Fuego


The eco-integrating design of Hotel Xcaret Mexico carefully and responsibly adapts the architecture to the landscape, achieving a perfect balance between aesthetics and ethics. Coves, rivers, inlets, caves and forests are located all over the resort, where everything flows with the principle of sustainability. Proudly, Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the first hotel in America to receive the EarthCheck Building Planning and Design Standard certification, recognized for promoting sustainable architecture, construction and projects.

Ocean Front Suite - Casa Tierra


Sea, forest, river, pool, beach, all the suites at Hotel Xcaret México are designed in a way that connects you with nature no matter where you stay at the resort. Comfort, art and a contemporary design are all combined in its interiors so you can embrace the Mexican soul you’ll find here.

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Kids and Teens Club


At Xiquillos Kids Club, the kids in your family can have fun with several activities that promote Mexican culture and that have been specifically designed to release their imagination and creativity. Now is the time to create unforgettable memories, with friends at your side!

Teens Club


A family and guest recreational space with a pool table, air hockey mini-soccer table, and tv, specially designed to share amazing moments with your love ones.

Casa Grande Lobby


At Hotel Xcaret Mexico you will be spoiled in a special way from the moment of your arrival, with a unique experience since your reservation and early registration while you transfer to the hotel. Relax in our luxurious lobby where the cultural grandeur of Mexico becomes evident in each step, all worked and created by the best Mexican artisans, where each element has a past and a history of its own.

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