In harmony with the environment and inspired in ancestral traditions, Muluk Spa is a mystical and natural sanctuary that offers a holistic experience which leads you on the path of complete renovation through relaxation, stimulation of the senses and health.

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In Maya mythology, one of the calendar signs associated with water is called ''Muluk'' and means ''cosmic seed''. It is related to the renewal of the lunar cycles and is represented in the form of a drop of water in this fascinating culture’s calendar.

This symbol is in harmony with the etymological origin of the word ''spa'' –Salus Per Aquam or health through water– offering treatments that contribute to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


    Our signature cabins are housed in unique natural caverns in the Riviera Maya and the preparation, relaxation and healing areas are embraced by the river and the magical jungle that surrounds us.

    The Hydrotherapy Circuit takes place within a space of peace and serenity where you will undergo an invigorating experience through thermic contrasts in different settings such as: sauna, swimming pool with hot and cold water, steam, rain shower and ludic pool with water jets for feet, waist, neck, shoulders and bubble bed.

    We also have a temazcal. set deep in the mysticism of the jungle, the two settings where you can purify your body and feel reborn in Mother Earth’s womb.

    Muluk Spa Facilities

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    To complement a perfect day of relaxation, we also offer beauty services and a Bridal Suite, the perfect space for the bride to get ready with her closest friends and relatives.

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